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    Help With My First Dual Monitor Setup?

    Hello all! I just recently (as in today) got my second monitor for my build to help with my programming classes. My build it exactly as it appears in my signature. What I need help with it this; after connecting my second monitor (both are via displayport btw), a lot of stuff has slowed down...
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    Basic question about speed

    HI, I am wondering why the cpu on this dell 7400 is showing the below. Feels really laggy anyway to investigate why cpu speed is at .40?
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    Asus FX533VD is running very slow!

    Hi there, as mentioned in the title, my laptop is very slow especially while gaming, idk what's wrong with it? i ran BF V and it even didn't let me to join the game because of lagging, sometimes when i run the task manager, the disk appears 100% and the memory about 85 - 95 %. I'm gonna buy a...
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    Help/Guidance: Hyper-V Cluster (CSVFS) + ISCSI - SLOW

    All, I'm in need of some help. I'm trying to figure out where to go with this. I recently setup a new cluster that's using a NETAPP LUN. When accessing the LUN as a mapped drive (before mapping as clustered storage) I get very fast performance. E.G. 900 MB/s xfer of files. Once I add the...
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    Not being paid for this but you HAVE to check out Sairento VR!!!

    Just found out about this game the other day. Man, it's amazing. Sort of typical FPS it looks like but what's special is that you can manipulate time and your movement...while teleportation...does so in real time so you can actually shoot enemies while you're leaping through the air and moving...
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    Brother MFC-9840CDW (circa 2008) taking ages before printing

    I try to repair and maintain my stuff way after the manufacturer stops supporting it. Have a Brother laser which I've had for nearly 10 years now. Whilst it's been relatively trouble free, it's taking 5 mins or more to print a page. Any ideas what part might have worn? The printer itself...
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    ESXi 6r2 VM Performance Help

    Hi everyone, I'm a new guy here and found these forums after a Google search on my issue. As you can tell from the title it's a VM performance issue on my ESXi server. Background Fortunate to have access to a data center via my employer as I work for an ISP. We are allowed our own 1u servers...
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    Areca 1882i/1883i slow raid 5/6 writes

    Hi all, Sorry this turned into a TL:DR. I am in the process of setting up a new home storage server and I am experiencing very bad write speeds on both an Areca 1882i and 1883i. The current setup is the following: HDDs:12x Seagate ST3000VN000 3TB 5900RPM (8 of the drives are ~14 months old...
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    SSD performance in Linux

    Noticed something weird speed-wise with my SSD. In Windows, with write back caching enabled in Device Manager, I typically get around 120MB/s when copying files from my server over the gigabit switch. Turn off write back caching, and write performance drops to 60MB/s (give or take). I had a few...
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    Extremely slow shared folder data transfers on server itself.

    Good morning everyone, I am on my old HP EX490 media server doing some much needed maintenance of the files on it and I've come across something quite disturbing to me. I am moving data from one shared folder (videos) to my other shared folder (uTorrent) and the transfer rate is about 4.09...