1. cageymaru

    A.I. Powered Self-Checkout System Identifies the Food on Your Plate

    Engineering students at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai have invented an artificial intelligence (A.I.) powered self-checkout system called AEYA-Go that scans and identifies the food on customer's plates. The A.I. accomplishes this task by distinguishing the unique color and pattern of various...
  2. cageymaru

    Tesla Secures Land for $2 Billion China Gigafactory

    Electric car manufacturer Tesla has successfully purchased the land for its Shanghai Gigafactory. The 860,000 square meter plot in China cost the company $140.51 million and will be home to a $2 billion factory. The annual output of the factory is estimated at 500,000 electric cars. China has...
  3. R

    Shanghai Consumer Council Demands Apple's Explanation Over Slow-Down

    Xinhua, a state run Chinese news agency has stated that the Shanghai Consumer Council has sent an inquiry letter to Apple over the slow-down of older iPhones after an iOS update, demanding a reply before Friday. Apple is currently facing over 40 lawsuits from around the world over the slowdown...