shadow of war

  1. R

    Shadow of War Getting Free Update, Will Remove Microtransactions

    Monolith has announced that starting July 17th, Middle Earth: Shadow of war will receive some free updates that will remove Gold, War chests, and the Market from the game. Community Admin MonolithMark states: The core promise of the Nemesis System is the ability to build relationships with your...
  2. FrgMstr

    Shadow of War's Denuvo Cracked in One Day

    Middle-Earth: Shadow of War moves to the number one spot on the Crack Watch list in just one day of its release. Thanks to the awesome abilities of Denuvo anti-tamper technology, which is becoming the poster child for expensive bloatware. It is a shame that us gamers that buy the games have to...
  3. FrgMstr

    Middle-earth: Shadow of War 4K Download 98GB

    As showcased by this Tweet shown below, the new Shadow of War download for PC chimes in right at 98GB from Steam. You can opt-out of the 4K content should you wish to after the download starts however. Probably time to uninstall some of those older titles sitting around gathering dust on your...
  4. M

    Developer for Shadows of War Immortalized in Game

    Monolith Productions, the developers of the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadows of War are paying tribute to their executive producer who passed away last year due to a brain tumor at the age of 43. Michael David Forgey will be immortalized as Forthog the Orc Slayer in DLC content for the game. WB...