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    SFF - Best cooling configuration. 3 Noctua options

    Hey Everyone. I am currently trying to make a new build inside a Silverstone FTZ01B-E case with the new Ryzen 5 3600. The case has a 83 mm clearance for the CPU cooler. I did run into a problem what cooling option from Noctua should I choose to make the whole configuration quiet and low on...
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    Sold: Cryorig C7 G 47mm low-profile cooler

    Hi friends, I have a like-new-in-box Cryorig C7G Graphene cooler I've evaluated briefly (less than a week). It performed really well in an open bench environment, but I find its closeness to my case side panel generates some turbulence even when I swapped the heatsink's fan with a Noctua...
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    Comparison of low profile CPU coolers 50-75mm

    I've been doing some research on low profile CPU air coolers. Specifically, I've focused on asking which coolers of a given height have the best features and which ones perform best. I'll be putting together a build using the Silverstone ML08, which has the same interior dimensions of the very...