1. N

    Feedback on project to help new system builders

    Heyo I’m Nic, from Houston, TX a long time PC enthusiast. I’ve often help friends and family build their first PC or make upgrades to existing ones. Thus we started building JTX (currently a work in progress). We've identified a few problems we'd like to solve and where hoping to get some...
  2. T

    How to sell my laptop?

    I have a gaming laptop that I hadn't used in over a year because I mostly game on my PC and don't travel anymore so I'm looking at selling it now while it still has value. My concern is the data on it and the best way to delete data off it while keeping the OS or should I just format the HDD...
  3. FlimFlam

    F/S: NIB EVGA 1050 TI FTW GAMING-Ask $125 (Retail $169)

    Listing another gpu that I have. Brand new in box, never opened or used. Evga GeForce GTX 1050 Ti FTW GAMING (Dual Fan) Asking $125 Retails for $169. (I can chop off a few $$$ for a return cust) CUTRENT STATUS: UNSOLD Didn't realize how dry the 1050TI market is right now & how hard getting a...
  4. S

    SELLING: 7* NEC XP29 Plus (same as XM29 Plus but better)

    Selling NEC XP29 Plus in Los Angles/San Diego, proper shipping an option as well. (XP not XM, P is better) You’ve probably heard of the NEC XM29 Plus and it being arguably the best retro CRT you can get. These are XP29 plus, same but better, more rare, more signal range, so they can do 1024x768...