1. noclevername

    S7 Edge problems

    I got an S7 edge from a coworker to tinker with. He told me that it was stuck in a boot loop and couldn't get it to stop. He told me it was in his truck, ended up getting hot and the phone gave him a warning about shutting down apps etc to cool it down. He let it cool down, then that is when the...
  2. K

    WTB: Verizon LG G6 Like New

    Looking for a like new or used LG G6 in mint or near mint condition. Must be Verizon version, VS988. Would prefer the Platinum color. Prefer to use paypal. Heatware here. Thanks.
  3. N

    FS: Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones

    I have a Verizon branded Galaxy S7, 32gb, onyx black, in like new condition. $280 shipped. SOLD. Not really looking for trades right now, unless you really want to get rid of an HTC Vive.
  4. U

    Mint, unlocked S7 with tons of extras!

    This is a brand new Galaxy S7 (TMobile version) that has been carrier unlocked and supports all major carrier bands. It was barely used for a month before I got another phone from work, so no marks or scratches, it is 100% brand new. It comes with: 1. One Evutec slim tough case + 2 extra tpu...
  5. dvsman

    Android Wifi Question

    So I've got a Samsung S7 (regular version Android 6.01 on Verizon) and for the most part, I'm really digging it. Great camera, small nicely portable size - great for pockets and one handed operation, just enough power to do everything I need / keep the screen / app response snappy. The one...