ryzen 1600

  1. R

    Help, which brand of RAM Sticks should I buy?

    Hello there, pals. This is my first post around here! So, I'm planning on buying an upgrade for my desktop computer. The only things I'm planning to keep is the HDD, the case, the dGPU and the fan headers, since the PSU won't work at all on this 8-pin motherboard. But I'm still missing the RAM...
  2. Below Ambient

    Delete please

    Great cpu, runs 4ghz easily, will run 4.1xfr if need be. Had it in this Asus ROG Strix x370f running at 4ghz 1.37v. with an ek a240 kit.. retail unregistered box... $150 obo I also have the x370 strix board for sale $90 buyer pays shipping (approx $20 in the 48) I take zelle (preferred)...
  3. M

    No Post After Crash

    Just a little background info, was trying to overclock my ryzen cpu (anything below 3.6 GHz), set ram to 2933 MHz and it booted, restarted the pc and it wouldn't boot to the os. So i decide to just try with ram and no oc, boots into windows, crashed and after that no post at all, can't even...
  4. C

    Ryzen 5 1600 & GTX 1080 or i7 7700k & GTX 1070

    I am having doubts between these two rigs because in my country they cost same and I am not sure which is better choice.I am playing at 1080p 60hz ( I know its overkill and crazy but thing is that my firned doesn't have money for 144hz monitor or something like that and he isn't planning to buy...
  5. C

    Overclocking RAM 2133mhz to 2933mhz using D.O.C.P. on ASUS b350 prime plus

    I've just bought Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz 2x8gb RAM and I am planning to try to overclock it with D.O.C.P. The thing I am wondering is will failure (if it happens) cause any damage to my system or anything like that, btw I am using Ryzen 1600. My system doesn't use latest BIOS updates ( it...
  6. C

    Low FPS with ryzen 1600 and rx 480

    I have ryzen 1600, Crucial 1x8gb 2133 MHz RAM, rx 480 8gb DUAL. Everything is stock. I am having huge FPS drops ( from 110 down to 50 ). The thing I want to know is my RAM the one which is causing those drops ( bcs ryzen needs faster RAM and two sticks are better than one) or its my CPU or...
  7. FrgMstr

    Ryzen 5 on the HardOCP Test Bench

    There will be a late night or two around the [H] test bench this week as we have hands on with retail purchased Ryzen 5 CPUs. The Ryzen 1600 CPUs showed up today, we expect the Ryzen 1400 CPUs to show up in a day or two. We will be showing you overclocking results, but will be holding off on...