1. Solitude

    FS: Oculus Rift DK2

    SOLD LOCALLY! Thanks for looking!
  2. RangerXML

    Rifters and Vivers rejoice, BigScreen is releasing free on Steam Thursday :D

    Social VR environment, or virtual LAN environment. Gonna be fun to give this a try with a couple of my friends. BigScreen Beta on Steam
  3. O

    First Time VR User: Here are my Oculus Rift impressions.

    So a little bit of background. I have never used VR before. I didn't even know the company Oculus existed until a month ago (don't ask me how I procured a Rift). I was just youtubing upcoming games one day and came across a video of Eve Valkyrie. And I thought to myself...Holy Ph@ck. So then I...
  4. L

    Rift Delays due to Lens Shortage. Vive to out ship Rift in 2016. (Digitimes).

    Interesting as I'd have thought going into this that Rift would have more momentum then Vive. Granted this is is shipments and not necessarily sales. Digitimes Research: Shipments of Oculus Rift CV1 delayed on shortage of lenses
  5. H

    Facebook’s Jaw-Dropping Social VR Demo Really Is The Future

    I don't know if this Oculus social VR demo is "the future" but it is pretty damn cool. The demo started out like any other cheesy presentation until they got to the part where they were interacting with the pictures. Watch the video below and you'll know what I mean.
  6. R

    Rift vs Vive

    $600 vs $800 Rift store vs Vive store Seated vs 15'x15' The actual specs on both devices look similar, so I'm thinking these are the biggest three differences. I want to make the plunge but I want to make sure I am plunking down the money on the right one for me. Is there much else to...
  7. E

    Modding different lenses

    Is it possible? I have no idea about the insides of them, I just use them.
  8. H

    Oculus Rift Review

    The crew at Engadget have quick and dirty review of the Oculus Rift posted today for those of you interested. Any of you got your headsets in yet? As a first-generation VR product, the Oculus Rift delivers an impressive amount of immersion. The big downside is its price, as well as the fact...
  9. P

    Oculus Rift review (Eurogamer)

    very positive review of the Rift...I'm impressed... "Another ported title - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - is more effective. The non-VR version is a visual treat (especially so via its Unreal Engine 4 upgrade), but the move to Oculus Rift is a genuine game-changer...Just experiencing this...
  10. Morphes

    [H] Poll: Which HMD did you order?

    Just curious what the guys on [H] are going with and why. I went with the Oculus Rift because it looks more comfy and they have had so much time to perfect their SDK. Plus as shitty as it sounds, they seem to have exclusive titles but steam doesn't. I want to play games, so I went with Rift. I...
  11. w1retap

    Oculus founder: No Mac is powerful enough to run the Rift

    Oculus founder says no Mac is powerful enough to run the Rift
  12. Modred189

    How do VR systems work?

    So, you have a single scene to show in two slightly different ways in the headset to give a stereoscopic effect. Does the scene have to be rendered twice? Or, is it rendered once, and the game inserts two "cameras," one for each image? Do different setting have to be applied more than once...