1. D

    F/S Apple Watch Series 4 GPS

    I have a mint condition Apple Watch Series 4 GPS 40mm Space Gray that has been in a Julk Case since day one. Will come w/box and accessories along with 2 Julk cases, one of which has been on since day one, and 2 bands. Purchased 2/25/2019. Repairs and service coverage ends on 2/26/2020...
  2. AlphaAtlas

    RED Removes References to Hydrogen One Modular Components

    Ultra high end camera manufacturer RED recently launched an Android smartphone with an ultra high end price (which Apple and Samsung nearly matched with recent releases), but the phone's reception was mixed. Users summed up the integrated 3D display as "neat," but note that most Android apps...
  3. magnux

    WTB: 1-2 WD 8TB Red/White (256MB Cache)

    Looking for a couple WD 8TB Red/White drives (256MB Cache only, pls). Shoot me a PM with a price shipped to 33196. Thanks!
  4. AlphaAtlas

    Initial Impressions of RED's $1300 Smartphone are Out

    While some benchmarks seem to be under some kind of NDA, initial impressions for RED's ambitious Hydrogen One smartphone are out. Generally speaking, reviewers are praising the phone's tank-like build and the dual camera setup, but the 3D "holographic" LCD display is a mixed bag. All of that is...
  5. R

    Mysterious RED Hydrogen Smartphone Coming This Summer

    Since it's announce back in July of 2017, not much has been revealed about the RED Hydrogen smartphone. Aside from a preview video here, and a little tidbit of the technology that drives its holographic display there, RED has been rather quiet about its first flagship smartphone. Today Android...
  6. W

    FS: Sigma 17-50 2.8, 6600k, Canon 70-300, WD 4tb Red Pro, 1tb WD SSD, CKR10 IEM, CKR9 IEM