1. D

    WTB 4k AV receiver. Would like something that is not super expensive.

    HDR is a must. 5.1 at least but 7.1 wouldn't hurt. At least a few hdmi inputs. Upgrading from a pioneer vsx-1121. Show me what you got and what you are asking. I appreciate it folks!
  2. N

    Handbrake audio settings for ripped Bluray - no clue what I am doing.

    My situation: Encoding Bluray MKVs for playback on a 5.1 receiver, tablet, smart tv, or whatever else we have in the house. What I want: Nice surround sound quality (not a crazy audiophile) in my current AVR 1510 receiver with great compatibility for future equipment. Here is what my settings...
  3. K

    FS: Onkyo TX-NR656 4K Atmos A/V Receiver

    Purchased in February of 2017, this receiver works great. It has 8 HDMI-in ports (1 on the front) and 2 HDMI outputs. Comes with original box (that it will be shipped in), remote, antenna, and calibration mic. Full specs can be found here...
  4. X

    Pioneer VSX-1131 7.2.2 Receiver - $300 Prime Shipping

    Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X Ready three-dimensional sound reproduction Pioneer’s exclusive audio calibration system: MCACC with Reflex Optimizer Full Bandwidth HDMI (4K UltraHD 60P/4:4:4) with HDCP 2.2
  5. R

    X-Fi FATAL1TY Dead, Options?

    Hi all! BACKGROUND So my trusty though somewhat headache inducing through the years (especially as it has aged, probably bad caps and increasingly faulty onboard memory) Creative X-Fi FataI1ty has finally become unbearable after a decade of use. It created artifacting on the right channels...
  6. P

    What's the best way to drive high-end headphones on a gaming console?

    What would be the best and most economical way to drive my audiophile-grade headphones on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 console for a novice? Most 'gaming' headsets seem so underwhelming in performance and any that have a mix amp or base station typically have a few presets on the EQ which is why I...
  7. badcookies

    Chromecast (1st gen) + cheapest way to 5.1

    hello [H] after finally upgrading to a router that can actually stream plex+chromecast (old model), I am getting sick of 5.1 DTS/AC3 playing sound effects loud and voice tracks low. yes i know i can convert it all to aac what not but time is not my friend. so i have a tv with three hdmi...