1. Zarathustra[H]

    Corsair Recalls Some H100i RGB Platinum SE Coolers Over Faulty Plumbing

    Tech Powerup has a news story up about Corsair recalling a production lot of AIO coolers for leaking. I've always been impressed with how Corsair takes care of their customers when something goes wrong. Back in the day when a forum member here had one of their AIO's catastrophically leak...
  2. DooKey

    People Recall Information Better Through Virtual Reality

    A new study released by the University of Maryland shows that people can recall information better if it's presented to them via VR. The immersive environment of VR as opposed to traditional computers screens or tablets appears to be the next step in education. This is one of the first studies...
  3. DooKey

    HP Recalling Laptop Batteries Worldwide Due to Overheating and Fire Risk

    HP has issued a recall for laptop batteries because they may overheat or cause a fire. These batteries are within 15 different model laptops. Some of these laptops have internal batteries that aren't user removable and they will provide a free service to have this replaced by a service tech at...
  4. Bees

    Tesla Recalls 53,000 Vehicles over Parking Brakes

    A safety update notice has been posted on Tesla’s company website today, acknowledging a manufacturing problem with the electronic parking breaks used in Model S and Model X vehicles. Even with an expected total recall of 53,000 vehicles globally, it should be noted the recall is precautionary...