1. L

    System Instability and lots of Uncorrectable ECC errors

    I just built a new server out of second hand components (minus the RAM which is new). - Motherboard: Supermicro X11SSL-F (updated to BIOS 2.6) - CPU: Intel Xeon E3 1240 V5 - RAM: 4 x Crucial MTA9ASF2G72AZ-3G2B1 (DDR4-3200 ECC UDIMM 1Rx8 CL22) - PSU: Seasonic G-360 - Cooler: Noctua NH-L12S All...
  2. cageymaru

    Here Is the New Hellboy Trailer

    Here is the official Hellboy trailer from Lionsgate Movies on YouTube. The movie adaptation of the popular comic book has a April 12, 2019 release date and stars David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Daniel Dae Kim, and Sasha Lane. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is the 3rd...
  3. S

    Overclocking apps broken after Meltdown/Spectre Windows Patch

    Hi folks, I've come to find that my system has become unstable after enjoying nearly a year of light overclocking after installing the Windows update for the Meltdown patch. Firstly my OC (may not reflect outdated specs in sig sorry): 7700k, 4.8Ghz, 1.24v (4.5 Ring + 4.5 AVX @ 1.21v) MSI...
  4. DooKey

    Meltdown/Spectre Firmware Updates Causing Reboots for Some Intel Customers

    Intel is currently looking into reports that some of its customers are experiencing reboots in systems that update to the latest firmware for Meltdown/Spectre mitigation. The systems affected are running Broadwell and Haswell processors. However, Intel still recommends end-users should apply...
  5. S

    4K monitor black screen during post over DP

    I have had a issue with all 4K monitors that I owned and it's driving me a bit nuts so I wanted to see if somebody has a solution. When I cold boot the PC the monitor shows picture during POST so I can enter the BIOS or see the boot menu. But 99% of the time when I restart PC the monitor does...
  6. P

    Desktop PC in reboot loop

    My desktop computer rebooted itself without end. I had to pull the power cord in order to shut it down. After consulting some friends we guessed the memory modules were the cause and I had them replaced with new ones. The abnormal behavior stopped....or so I thought. A few days later it...
  7. Solhokuten

    Holy Crap! KOTOR fan-made reboot

    Have you guys seen this? Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fan-made reboot looks promising