1. V

    2080 Super's Raytracing feature does not seem to work in Modern Warfare. Any suggestions?

    Hello all! I have been really enjoying my PC build and I am impressed at how it handles modern titles but, recently, I tried using Ray Tracing for, really, the first time. I never really thought about trying it much when I bought my system since all of the reviews said that it was overblown and...
  2. cageymaru

    Steam Audio 2.0 Adds Open-Source AMD Radeon Rays Technology

    Steam Audio Beta 15 has added support for ray-tracing via the open-source AMD Radeon Rays technology. Steam Audio can use ray tracing to bake indirect sound propagation as sounds bounce around a scene until they hit a source. Thousands of ray tracing probes can be used in a scene and AMD...
  3. R

    AMD Announces Real-Time Ray-Tracing

    The big topic at the Game Developers Conference this year is Ray-Tracing. Yesterday we covered how Microsoft is now introducing DirectX Raytracing, or GDC, and today, AMD along with GPUOpen are showing off what they have in store. AMD is announcing Radeon ProRender support for real-time...