1. LGabrielPhoto

    Quest 2 original link cable back feeding power to PC. Anyone else experiencing this?

    So, this is odd...yesterday I forgot to disconnect my Quest 2 from the original USB Type C cable and noticed that my Mouse and my Blaster X3 had flickering lights as if they were receiving some power still even though my PC was off. I even unplugged the power cord and still the same..that REALLY...
  2. M

    Oculus Quest 2

    Might as well start an owners thread since there is not one yet. I have used my Quest 2 a little bit for now and here are my impressions coming from CV1. First, the image is absolutely beautiful. There is still just a hint of SDE but it is equivalent to what you see in 27" 1080p monitor. Like...
  3. LGabrielPhoto

    Problem with SteamVR and Quest 2 PClink..

    Hello! Anyone having issues with SteamVR? It used to be fine for me on my 9900k and Gigabyte mobo but now on the 5950x with Asus X570, if I try Skyrim it becomes a mess where the game is almost frozen barely letting me move the pointers to close it. No idea what is going on FalloutVR for...
  4. babelmh13

    Oculus Quest - Chromecast

    Having an issue where my oculus quest can only see my chromecast ultra if its on my 2.4ghz channel of my router, and not if i set everything up on my 5ghz channel... Anyone else experience this? I am able to see the chromecast ultra and cast youtube from my phone on the 5ghz channel though...
  5. Youn

    Quest Hand Tracking

    users can now open a browser and flip Facebook the bird Shame there isn't a launch game, but could be they sorta cracked the code earlier than expected. Does this put Knuckles to shame, will we always want a controller for that tactile feel or haptics? I can't imagine gun hand gestures to be...