1. cageymaru

    Electronic Arts Stock Falls 14% After Missing Q3 2019 Earnings Estimate

    Electronic Arts stock fell 14% in after hours trading as the gaming giant missed its Q3 2019 earnings estimate. EA reported revenue totaling $1.61 billion compared to the Refinitiv estimate of $1.75 billion. Earnings were $1.95 per share compared to the analyst estimate of $1.94 per share. EA...
  2. cageymaru

    Blizzard Entertainment Has Paid 100 Customer Service Employees to Voluntarily Quit

    Blizzard Entertainment is offering cash incentives equal a full year's pay to its customer service employees in Ireland to voluntarily quit their jobs. This is the fifth time that Blizzard has enriched the cash payout to employees. Remaining employees say that the loss of 100 associates has...
  3. cageymaru

    Valve Updates Progress on Mature Content Submissions and New Filters

    Valve is still progressing on a Steam overhaul that protects users from seeing content that they aren't interested in. This was born from concern about mature games being available on the platform. Users will be able to ignore up to 10 types of content including developers and publishers, game...