1. cageymaru

    LG Electronics Surprises Analysts with a 80% Drop in Q4 Operating Profits

    LG Electronics surprised analysts when it declared that its Q4 operating profit fell 80% when compared to the same period a year ago. The estimated profit of 75.3 billion won ($67.03 million) was far lower than analyst estimates of 387 billion won. Because of this, revenue is projected to fall...
  2. cageymaru

    Wall Street Loses Patience with Snap

    Snapchat's parent company Snap was the darling of Wall Street when its IPO debuted in March 2017. Now the company faces issues with a revolving user base that engages with its content less, struggles to sell advertising on the platform, and a general lack of content that interests its...
  3. DooKey

    'Dutch Sandwich' Tastes Like 16B Euros to Google

    Google has shielded almost 16B euros in profits in 2016 by utilizing the 'Dutch Sandwich' tactic. Basically, they move their profits from an Irish subsidiary to a Dutch company without employees, and then to an Ireland-registered company with a Bermuda mailbox. This is a lot of money that's...
  4. W


    I am just starting out in the fascinating realm of cryptocurrencies. I am tired of hindsight 20/20 kicking my ass and wishing I did something different. I will never claim to know more than I do, I am here to learn the most I can about this industry and how I can be an elite player in this...