1. FrgMstr

    GPU MSRP is Not Meaningless @

    GPU MSRP is Not Meaningless "There are a lot of talking heads squawking nowadays about video card MSRP, otherwise known as “Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.” You might also see this referred to in company slides as, “SEP,” or “Suggested Etail Pricing.”"
  2. cageymaru

    AMD Officially Lowers the Pricing on Ryzen Threadripper First Generation Processors

    AMD has officially lowered the pricing on their first generation Threadripper processors. The 16C/32T Ryzen Threadripper 1950X now carries a Suggested E-tailer Price (SEP) of $799. The 12C/24T Ryzen Threadripper 1920X has a huge discount with a new SEP of $399. Finally the pricing on the...
  3. DooKey

    Netflix May Make Changes to its Pricing Schedule With the Addition of a Fourth Plan

    The folks over at phoneArena have been kind enough to translate the Italian blog Tutto Android and bring us information on a new tier of service Netflix may start offering. If the blog is correct it looks like Netflix is going to offer an Ultra tier - for more money of course. The new tier is...
  4. R

    YouTube TV Pricing Goes Up $5 Per Month Starting Tomorrow

    Do you subscribe to YouTube TV? Of course you don't, but if you did, you would be happy to know that the price for the service is going up by $5, to $40 per month. YouTube announced on its blog on Valentines Day that the change would happen, as the service expands to bring more networks, and...
  5. DooKey

    Best Buy Stops Some Sales of New iPhones After Pricing Backlash

    Bestbuy is going to stop selling iPhones (WARNING auto play video) without carrier activation. They say this after customers complained they were selling the iPhones for $100 more than what Apple was selling them for. According to Bestbuy offering iPhones with different purchasing options has...
  6. R

    AMD Vega Pricing Detailed

    Kumquat Research has written an excellent summary of what's been going on with Vega pricing. AMD has been under some scrutiny since the Vega launch about it's pricing, sparked by a rumor that the launch prices were introductory only, and the price was to go up by $100 after the initial launch...
  7. U

    When will eGPU prices come down?

    I am not a technologist, at least in the sense of knowing component pricing. However it seems to me that eGPU's are terribly overpriced for what they are. eGPU's have been available for several years now, thanks mostly to Akitio. Alienware's solution is at least a year and change old. And...
  8. R

    Nintendo Switch Online Will Be $20 a Year

    Today Nintendo announced that the online service for the Switch will be coming in 2018 with pricing of $4 for 1 month, $8 for 3 months, or $20 as year, but will be free until the paid service launches. Voice chat and lobby features will be handled via a smartphone app also coming in 2018, but...
  9. Zarathustra[H]

    Some Perspective: Zarathustra's Nvidia Price History

    Every single time a brand new high end NVIDIA GPU is launched, we always have the same responses. Some people think it is too expensive while others think it is well worth the price considering the performance. What is, and isn't worth it to you, is obviously a very subjective matter, and as...