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  1. Thug Esquire

    FS: Corsair AX1200i iCUE-compatible fully modular power supply

    Hi folks, I've got one Corsair AX1200i fully modular iCUE-compatible power supply in used but fair condition, clean and tested working. It has a dent in the base of the PSU that doesn't affect operation and has a partial set of cables ($130). These prices are shipped via PayPal G&S. Take $20...
  2. Probleminfected


  3. Darkswordz

    HOT? Super Flower Leadtek 80+ Platinum 850W, Fully Modular PSU = $169.99 after Instant Rebate @ Newegg

    This seems like a pretty good deal for a brand new product. Super Flower Leadtek 80+ Platinum 850W = $199.99 - $30.00 instant rebate (MKTCI191TCSS) = $169.99 A/R. Comes with 10 year warranty. :cool:
  4. A

    Which PSU for a new build?

    Hi, I am seeing some PSU recommendations for a new build. I will be using an RTX 3090 with a 10900K CPU in this build. Most online calcs / review state that an 850w PSU should be enough, but I rather throw a 1000w at it to be safe and avoid potential issues. With prices all over the chart now...
  5. Darkswordz

    Power Supplies In Stock

    I'm not sure if these are "deals" but in this environment anything in stock at MSRP is pretty good. :smug: 80+ Platinum 1. Fractal Ion+ 560P = $100.99 2. Seasonic Focus PX-650 = $129.99 3. Seasonic Focus PX-850 = $157.99 4. Corsair HX1200 = $249.94 80+ Gold 1. EVGA 500GD = $69.99 2...
  6. R

    Question on powering an RTX 2080

    Hello, I have a Season focus gold 750 power supply that I am running one cable from to the RTX 2080 it has two 6+2 plugs so I am using 6+2 and 6. Everything seems fine but I am wondering if is should actually have two power cable coming from the power supply? I have seen posts in various...
  7. hotdun

    FS: ITX MB's - SFX PSU's - 3770K - 4770K's

    Pictures: Link Heatware: hotdun ========================================================= All Sold ========================================================= SOLD 1. Asus P8Z77-M micro ATX Motherboard 2. Intel 4770K 3. Intel 3770K 4. Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe mini ITX Motherboard with...
  8. K

    FS Seasonic Focus+ Platinum PSUs, 1x 750W & 1x 850W

    I'll get pictures up in the morning, but it's not much to see- these are power supplies. It's a black box and a bunch of modular wires For sale I have: -750W Seasonic Focus+ Platinum PSU -- $90 shipped conus OBO -850W Seasonic Focus+ Platinum PSU -- $110 shipped conus OBO I might be able to...
  9. N

    EVGA P2 650w vs 750w?

    Good morning PSU masters I plan on buying either an evga supernova p2 650 or 750. For gaming with a gtx 1080ti, 650w is enough so either will be fine. However I have a couple of doubts because both of them are priced exactly the same ($120), and some review sites say that either model 650, 750...
  10. D

    FSP Dagger 500/600w SFX power supplies now available.

    Hey guys! Back in late March / the beginning of April, a press release was sent around announcing the release of FSP's new power supplies, the 'Dagger' line. At 500w and 600w, these are much higher wattage units than FSP has previously made, and they're both Gold rated. For those of you who...