poor performance

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    Minecraft Performance TANKED After Most Recent Update (1.17)!

    Hello everyone! My build is still exactly as it appears in my signature ie: RTX 2080 Super, 3800X etc. As a result, in vanilla Minecraft I usually get around 600 frames per second or more at maximum render distance. Or at least I did...until the most recent update. Now I struggle to break 60 or...
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    Poor GTA V Performance (5950x/6700 XT)

    So I use to play GTA V with my old pc (which is now sold) 2600k / 980 TI / 16GB RAM and got around 50-60 fps with pretty much max settings (lowered AA to 2x, reduced distance slider in the advanced tab but everything else was pretty much maxed including grass on ultra). Now I have a new PC which...