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    Are Plasma TV's still good for gaming in 2019?

    It used to be the case that Plasmas were better than LCD's due to better blacks. The other day I was playing the Genesis Collection for Xbox 360 on my old Samsung pn518500. This was a top of the line Plasma several years ago. The Genesis collection plays by default in 4:3 aspect ratio. After...
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    FS: GoPro Hero3 Black, Phenom X4 9750, 60" 1080p 3D Samsung Plasma TV (PN60E550D1)

    GoPro Hero 3 Black. Don't use it as much as I used to, so out it goes. It is in great condition, with no scratches on the lense and comes with a bunch of extras including 2 internal batteries, a battery bacpac, a new-ish LCD bacpac, waterproof case, floaty backdoor, various cases that should...