1. U

    Canon 28mm f/2.8 IS This is the same thing that is listed in my FS thread. If eBay makes you feel more secure...
  2. R

    Scientist Gets Photo of a Single Atom

    A student at the University of Oxford managed to take a photo of a single floating atom with an ordinary camera. PhD candidate David Nadlinger used long exposure to capture the image of a single strontium atom illuminated by a laser while suspended in an ion trap. The photo win David the top...
  3. DooKey

    Facebook Captcha Test Wants You to Upload a Clear Picture of Your Face

    Facebook is requiring users to upload a clear photo of their face to make sure they aren't a bot. According to Facebook they will analyze the photo to make sure it's not fake and then immediately delete it after use. How they are verifying it isn't a fake isn't defined. However, you have...
  4. S

    27 IPS photos and games (which Eizo)

    Hi all I have one big dilemma. I want a new high-performance PC assembly taking good monitor that would be best for editing images (I shoot with 6D and 7DmII mainly in sRGB and presentation on the Web) but was fairly good at my second hobby which is the gaming and here comes problem. I have...