1. euskalzabe

    Philips 328E9FJAB review

    I recently got this Philips monitor from Newegg - it's original price is $330 and it went down to $289 a few days ago, so I figured, why not. I was debating between getting a 1440p 32" VA 144hz panel or a 75hz one with great colors, and the discount made the decision for me. Maybe my next one...
  2. L

    40" 4K curved PC monitor: Philips BDM4037UW vs Samsung UN40KU6500 (UE40KU6100)

    Philips BDM4037UW and Samsung UN40KU6500 (UE40KU6100) seem to be a good choice for a large curved (3000R) 4K PC monitor. Unfortunately KU6500 (KU6300 in non-curved version) uses PWM backlight dimming, though BDM4037UW has some dramatic pixel response time issues. Which do you consider better...
  3. A

    Philips BDM4037UW - 40" Flicker-Free, Curved 4k

    Looks like a great combination and the specs state 80Hz capable. I had a Samsung 40" curved for a week and returned it due to it's PWM backlighting. However, it was the perfect size on my desk and the curve actually made sense for it's application. I'm pretty excited to try this one out...
  4. J

    Philips SHP9500 Over-Ear Headphone

    $59.99 with $10 rebate card I picked up a set last year based on another recommendation, have been very happy with them. detachable cord, have a big head and they fit very well. pretty good quality build. They get mostly 5 star review, can't really beat them for the price. Philips SHP9500...
  5. Y

    Philips BDM4065UC vs LG 34UC97-S

    Hi, I wonder which display is the best. I need a display essentially to work (i'm developer, i have a lot of open windows at the same time), but why not to play games (with my PS4) since my Mac is not the best gaming computer... I wonder if 4K (for the Philips) is not too much for my Mac...