pcie 16x installation

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    When an upgrade isn't.

    So a while back I got a bad case of motherboard envy and bought a refurbished one. I wanted to get a new (refurbished) one because I thought that saw the writing on the wall for the AM4 platform and I didn't know if my current motherboard could handle a newer CPU. In the process of swapping...
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    HighPoint SSD7101A NVMe RAID controller fails unpredictably

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum, and I have a huge problem: I bought an HighPoint SSD7101A NVMe RAID controller (PCIe) for my hackintosh (a PC with Mojave running). I built a first raid with 4x Sabrent Rocket NVMe 2TB. After made the raid-0 via WebGUI and formatted in HFS+ in Disk Utility...
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    Z370/B360, PCIe Lanes, and slots

    Hi mates, Please help me with two questions I wasn't able to answer after *a lot* of googling. 1. The vast majority of h370 and b360 boards with two mechanical 16X slots do have the following layout: the upper slot has 16 gen3 lanes by the CPU. The lower one has 4 gen4 lanes by the PCH. Now, I...
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    micro-ATX (latest) with 2x PCIex16 capable of full x16 each

    hi Is there a microATX/uATX board with 2x PCIex16 which can run full x16 at the same time ? https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z370-G-GAMING/ has 2x PCIe16 but they can only run in x8+x8 mode Are there any others ? G
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    Trying to install a PCIe 16x, wont fit

    I am trying to install a PCIe 16x card into my computer. But, I can't get it to fit. There isn't a lot of clearance between the motherboard and the case (see photo- by the way, the white part in the background is the view through the slot in my case to my radiator [which happened to be in the...