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  1. R

    The PC Port of Chrono Trigger Is Not What People Expected

    Square Enix surprised everyone with a re-release of 1995s "Chrono Trigger" which gave PC users the ability to buy it for the first time. However disappointment soon set in when people heading to the Steam store page realized that this port is not of the original SNES release, but the mobile...
  2. cageymaru

    Prey PC Port Initial Impressions Allude to Smooth Game Play and Half Life 3

    The game Prey has been released onto Steam and the initial performance report from PC Gamer is astounding. With a few generations old Nvidia GTX 970 video card and a GSYNC monitor, the writer Phil Savage was able to average 100fps, with dips to 90fps, while playing at 1440p on Very High...