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    First PC Build since 2010... after doing my homework, how does this look?

    Getting a bit nostalgic; I remember posting here for advice on a new build over a decade ago, and that advice (Core I7 920 + P6T MB) turned out to be so reliable that I've been running on that rig ever since... right up until last weekend, when the second component in as many months failed on...
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    Feedback on project to help new system builders

    Heyo I’m Nic, from Houston, TX a long time PC enthusiast. I’ve often help friends and family build their first PC or make upgrades to existing ones. Thus we started building JTX (currently a work in progress). We've identified a few problems we'd like to solve and where hoping to get some...
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    Building My First PC

    Hello there, as the topic says, I'm building my first PC and appreciate any help. I have been mostly using PCPartPicker and found an outline of a build which I really like and is within my budget. However, as I am not experienced I am asking for help to see if I can getting everything at...
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    PC Building Simulator Out Now

    Memory prices and impossible to find GPUs got you down? Well hear not because PC Building Simulator has been released in Early Access on Steam to help ease the symptoms of having no hardware to play with. In the game you can build your ultimate battle station in a free-build mode, learn how to...