pc advice

  1. hwfkwr

    Help me build my rig

    Hey All, I have a need for building a rig from scratch for some ML modeling work. Last time I built a rig was 2020 (for gaming, not ML) so I'm excited about this but also don't have a clue of what I need. Here is what I have on my mind: In the process of grabbing a Threadripper 3970X with...
  2. M

    Please help me to choose a Pre Built pc

    Hi everyone, Here are few of the amazon deals I found to be within my price range. https://**************/3CDdus1 https://**************/3qOJE1g https://**************/3qOJFCm https://**************/3r1QBfJ https://**************/3oAIYd3 My price range is up to £1000 ideally I'd also like to get some monitor. What I'm looking...
  3. J

    First PC Build since 2010... after doing my homework, how does this look?

    Getting a bit nostalgic; I remember posting here for advice on a new build over a decade ago, and that advice (Core I7 920 + P6T MB) turned out to be so reliable that I've been running on that rig ever since... right up until last weekend, when the second component in as many months failed on...
  4. G

    Slow data transfer speed Android to PC?

    Hi Guys. I transfer data from my Android phone to PC regularly. transferring stuff from PC to PC with ethernet I get regular speed of 115MB/s via 1Gbps connection. Now even when I'm standing right next to my ATT router I see a constant connection of 866 Mbps on my Note 9. But when I wirelessly...
  5. I

    Help me build a gaming PC to last some years

    Hey guys, I've been looking to buy a new PC and I want your help. My current specs are pretty outdated, I have a FX-6300 and a GTX 750 Ti, but maybe I can use my current 650W PSU and 1 TB HDD on a new machine. Anyway, my main goal is to build a gaming PC able to run games on 1080p +60FPS, but...
  6. C

    Pc won't boot and details on it

    So one day when I was playing on my computer on a regular day. I went to turn it on then played a bit. Saw it froze after I was gonna play league of legends, but then it froze so I held the power button to shut it down. Waited a bit but it didn't wanna turn back on. So I went to googling and had...
  7. C

    PC won't boot

    My new custom made pc that I have had for past 6 months and I haven't been able to boot it up recently. Problem: I was trying to open up league of legends and then it froze, forcing me to hold the power button to shut it down since it wouldn't unfreeze. Tried: I tried a power supply test...
  8. Z

    Vive/oculus pc build help.

    I know this is something I can compare in the recommended stats on either website or any number of review sites. But, how far from being able to use either the oculus, or the vive is my pc build? Also I'm considering getting a samsung S7 or S7 edge with the free gear vr headset. I know it...