1. J

    Bad display on Vive Pro 2 - buy parts, or another Steam VR headset?

    I picked up my Vive Pro 2 after a couple weeks of neglect and the left eye display is messed up. Difficult to describe - kind of a pixel rainbow grid over the whole image. It's like I can see the electronic layout behind the pixels. Did multiple system restarts, replugged all cables, etc. I...
  2. DooKey

    Employees Blame Flawed Parts for Tesla Model 3 Production Woes

    According to some current and former employees of Tesla the reason Model 3 production is behind is because up to 40% of the parts received at the assembly plant are flawed (WARNING auto play video) and have to be reworked. The company doesn't agree with what the employees are saying, but there...
  3. FlimFlam

    F/S: NIB 8600K/1060 FTW*/GB Z370 G7

    Hey all. Hope you had a nice holiday season. Thanks to all my customers that paid fast and gave me good feedback. I hope you are enjoying the parts. Sorry I got to some PMs slowly since I was busy and overwhelmed with interest. I try to respond to all PMs in timely fashion but it was...
  4. K

    WTB: Nexus 6P Screen or phone for parts

    I tried to do a battery swap and my screen started to cut out after and eventually stopped working. Too much heat from the heatgun I guess. Don't know how else to fix it besides replacing. I need either a parts phone with a good screen or the screen assembly itself. I know it's a long shot but...