1. GDI Lord

    Opinions Please: 38" 3840x1600 vs 42" 4K Monitor for Business 1st, Gaming 2nd

    Hi guys I'm considering replacing my current setup (attached, 1x 768 work laptop, 1x 1080p 24", 1x 1680x1050 22") with a larger single screen. Primarily for business, but I'm also going to game on it (not competitively, just on the odd evening.) I want to have more screen space but keep the PPI...
  2. Y

    Optical vs. Mechanical Keyboards. Which do you prefer?

    I know mechanical keyboards have existed since the 80's and have remained relatively unchanged, but yet they're still so popular. I'm curious to know why that is? Due to the fact that optical keyboards use light as an actuation point rather than metal to metal contact like a mechanical...
  3. S

    Is this a good deal? Dell G5 15 (5587) $879.99

    Hello, I'm thinking about pulling the trigger and just wanted a 2nd opinion if this was a good deal or not? I don't care if it is red or black, color is not an issue for me...