1. S

    Listening mp3 songs/albums in the car

    Hi,does anyone know where I could buy and download music, individual songs or entire albums in mp3 format? Which service would be best for that? That I can do it on a computer and not on a mobile phone? I don't listen to music on my cell phone at all, I only rarely listen to it on a PC and for...
  2. DooKey

    New Online Cancellation Law Benefits Many Disgruntled Subscribers

    A new California law that took effect this month is going to help people cancel their subscriptions online. The new law makes it mandatory for a business that makes an automatic renewal or continuous service offer to a customer in the state to allow that customer to cancel online if they...
  3. DooKey

    Supreme Court Rules States Can Force Online Retailers to Collect Sales Tax

    In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court has reversed a 1992 precedent that barred states from collecting sales taxes for online sales out of state. This means online retailers are now on equal footing with their brick and mortar brethren and will most likely be compelled to pay state sales tax...
  4. R

    15 Suspects Arrested and Fined $5.1 Million for Selling PUBG Cheats

    IGN is reporting that in an their latest Anti-Cheat efforts, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer, Bluehole has stated that on April 25th, 15 suspects were arrested for developing and selling hacking/cheating programs for PUBG. It was also confirmed that included in these cheats, was...
  5. R

    U.S Copyright Office Considering Exemption for Abandoned Online Games

    The U.S Copyright Office is currently considering whether to loosen DMCA's provisions for abandoned online games. Currently there are preservation exemptions to keep abandoned games accessible, however the current exemptions do not cover online games. TorrentFreak is reporting that the...
  6. R

    Nintendo Switch Online Coming in September

    Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch Online will be released September 2018. You will have to use the Switch Online app for Android and iOS, which will integrate with games to show stats and more, and will also be required for partying with friends and voice communication. The service...
  7. scojer

    Dead By Daylight (PS4)

    Anyone playing? My wife got it for me for Christmas and it's a blast. I'm not huge on multiplayer but being a victim or killer is intense and satisfying. What's really fun though is putting someone on a hook, and as the others try to lure you away I attack and they get caught themselves, all...
  8. DooKey

    Illegal Online Drug Peddlers Being Rounded Up by New Computer Technology

    Online drug dealers better watch out because there is a new machine learning sheriff on the internet. Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed a machine learning technology that mined Twitter to identify drug dealers selling opioids online. Between June and November...
  9. Y

    Fast Laptop for Internet work

    I am looking for a laptop that is going to be fast online working in many windows and tabs at a time (up to 4 browsers, with 5 or more tabs), loading pages, refreshing, working in google docs and sheets, so on, No serious video watching since its a work laptop. No dedicated graphics card...
  10. FrgMstr

    YouTube Statement on Fighting Online Terror Content

    YouTube has updated its blog on its commitment to fight terror content online. YouTube is claiming that its machine learning capabilities has allowed it to remove 75% of the offending content before ever being flagged by a human being, which is very impressive to say the least. It went on to...
  11. R

    Nintendo Switch Online Will Be $20 a Year

    Today Nintendo announced that the online service for the Switch will be coming in 2018 with pricing of $4 for 1 month, $8 for 3 months, or $20 as year, but will be free until the paid service launches. Voice chat and lobby features will be handled via a smartphone app also coming in 2018, but...
  12. FrgMstr

    Next Chapter of Elder Scrolls Online - Live

    I know we have a lot of Elder Scrolls Online fans around [H]. Bethesda is streaming a live broadcast entitled "Discover the Next Chapter of ESO," at 1pm CST. Below is the embed for your pleasure. Or displeasure depending on how much of a hate-boner you have for Bethesda.