oculus quest 2

  1. M

    Cheap Intro to VR - Oculus Quest 2 Refurb

    Ordered this yesterday from Walmart.com for the living room as a companion to my Rift S in my gaming room. For $200, seems to be a solid deal. Note: This is the 64 GB model, so be prepared for shuffling your games from time to time. Oculus Quest 2 64GB Refurbished
  2. K

    SOLD - Oculus Quest 2 - 256GB + HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

    *** SOLD *** I am selling my very lightly used Oculus Quest 2 256GB model. The headset and controllers are in like-new condition. I may have used this headset for maybe 5-10 hours in total. The lenses are clean and I do not see any dead pixels or artifacts. The controllers are in like-new...
  3. Armenius

    Oculus will sell you a Quest 2 headset that doesn't require Facebook for an extra $500

    In confirming that the unreal price of the Quest 2 headset is being subsidized by the ability to collect and sell your data, Oculus will start selling the attractive headset to users not wanting to sell their souls to Facebook for an extra $500. This brings the $300 base price of the headset up...
  4. R

    Quest2 stuttering while casting

    I'm new to the VR game and still slightly overwhelmed by the immersion. I've only had the Quest2 for about 3 weeks, but I recently started noticing stuttering in VR when using casting. I'm not 100% sure if it has been happening the whole time, as I may have just not noticed it at first. I...
  5. grifter_66

    Can I Play Original Oculus Rift Games On An Oculus Quest 2 Using Oculus Link?

    I own the original Oculus Rift and I just bought an Oculus Quest 2 (it hasn't arrived yet) thinking that I could plug it in to my computer using Oculus Link and I'd already have an existing library of titles to play considering all the games I purchased for my Oculus Rift. Unfortunately I just...