1. cageymaru

    NBC Sports and the NFL Use Video Game Soundtrack Without Permission

    Beat Games Studio co-founder and CEO Jaroslav Beck posted an excerpt from a NFL game where the music used in the clip is allegedly from his studio's game; Beat Saber. He politely asked NBC and NBC Sports in separate tweets to ask permission before using his game's music as this is clearly...
  2. DooKey

    Verizon to Start Streaming NFL Games to All Mobile Phones Regardless of Carrier

    The NFL and Verizon announced today that they have entered into an agreement where Verizon will now be offering their NFL streaming plan to all mobile customers. This means that no matter what company you are using for mobile service you will now be able to get the games you missed before. Not...
  3. DooKey

    Quake Champions is Getting a New Champion

    Do you play Quake Champions? Are you tired of the current choices you have to choose from? Well now you are finally going to get a new champion, Keel, and he's going to be made available with the winter update on December 14th. Take a look at his story trailer and let me know what you think...
  4. H

    VOKE and NFL to Make Game Highlights Available in Virtual Reality

    VOKE, an Intel company and a leader in live event virtual reality, and the National Football League announced today a collaboration to create a personalized, fully immersive virtual reality highlights experience for fans worldwide using VOKE’s TrueVR™ technology. This month, VOKE will produce...