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    New Build - Post for Posterity

    So I just 'finished' (as much as one can ever be complete) a new build. I'm pretty happy with it, so here's a summary. Motherboard: AsRock Z790 Steel Legend WiFi CPU: i5-12600K, running @ 5GHz-P/4GHz-E, -0.090 offset voltage Other: Thermalright anti-bend bracket & included TF7 thermal paste...
  2. M

    Low Power Unraid Build

    Hi everyone, I just ordered parts for a low power unraid build. My previous unraid server was ran by a Dell T30 server that served me well for 5 years or so. Recently, the cache drive failed in my Unraid server so I lost all of my dockers and system data. I have four spinning disk hard drives...
  3. S

    1st new pc in 20 years

    I'm building my first pc in 20 years, and I'm trying to figure out the options. I'm really liking the idea of the matx or small atx system Case features I'm looking for, but not sure what the best way to search for: 140mm fans I see lots with 120mm fans, but I'd like the larger ones for the...
  4. E

    First Build since 2011

    Good afternoon. Any comments on my build would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! I'm holding off on the video card for the moment - I'm building a new computer now because my current computer is starting to die. I don't love the GPU situation at the moment, and I'm happy waiting through the...
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    New Workstation Recommendation for Animation & Rendering 2019

    Hi all, For all those who are in the rendering and animation sector of work. I am looking to upgrade from my desktop which I had used for the past 8 years. I've been having a hard time trying to find or customize a build for my budget. Looking to purchase by the end of Friday latest I am...
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    New build plans - 2600 Based

    So I wanted to do Threadripper but current budget is more Ryzen 5 so here's my current plans. Let me know if you've had any specific bad luck with the following items especially in combination with each other: Items I already have: Corsair LPX 16gb 2x8gb 3000mhz C15 kit Corsair Spec-04 Case...
  7. M76

    This will be interesting...FT05

    Either because I got scammed, or just for the build. So I ordered a Silverstone FT05 chassis. For an unbeatable price. Honestly I'm not 100% sure if it's a scam or not but on German amazon you can order one for about 1/3 of the normal price everywhere else in Europe and less than half the US...
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    2x2080ti/9900k build complete!

    (current build on second page) Bare with me on the formatting, please; my house fire destroyed my equipment and I am posting this on my cell phone. Thank you all for your help. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc PC gaming at 4k 60fps+ escape from...
  9. Z

    $2,000 PC Build - Any good?

    ***UPDATE Please see post #12 for updated parts/questions Hello Everyone! Its been some time since I have posted here, but glad to see the forum live and strong. Putting together my 1st water cooling build and need your advice/opinion/critic. I already have a GTX 1060 and will be reusing my...
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    Could I run PUGB with just getting a 1070 TI / 1080? Or should I just buy or build something new?

    *** Disclosure – I have been out of the gaming and computer world for a long time! *** Also, Yes, I know my computer is old! *** My buddy got me in to PUGB and LOL...Thus the question of what to do. Any and all guidance is appreciated! Questions: Could I run PUGB with just getting a 1070 TI /...
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    Refurbished or New parts

    Hello, For a new pc build is it better to buy refurbished parts or new items? budget is $850
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    Been out of the loop - need help with solid midrange build

    Hi guys... I haven't done a complete build for over a year and was volunteered to build a kid (14-years-old I think) a machine for Christmas by my fiance. The kid's max budget is $1100. I'd like to keep the build Intel/Nvidia. He's new to PC's so don't need unlocked CPU etc; just a solid build...
  13. E

    New build wouldn't start - bad DIMM?

    Hi, Just hoping to confirm something with you all. So I put my new build together - MSI Z170A motherboard, G.Skill Rapjaw V 3000 23 gb - two sticks of 16 gb. It wouldn't post - gave error codes 55 00 16 od. I have the two dimms in slots 2 and 4. I took the stick out of slot 4 and whoola...
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    new build, reusing some parts

    I'm planning to update with a new mobo, CPU, GPU, RAM, thinking to go with i5 6400 or 6500, an ATX H170, don't know which GPU and RAM are appropriate for this build,. Any advice will be appreciated. Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core, GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Superclocked - System Build - PCPartPicker...
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    My Mobo and processor died - Thinking of building that SFF I always wanted

    Hi Guys A few days ago my mobo/processor just gave up the ghost and so I thought maybe this is a great time to build that SFF PC I have always wanted. I have a bit of an idea where I want to go with it but your advice would be appreciated. Here is what I have been looking at so far.... Good...