network security

  1. C

    Simple vlan, hardware and setup recommendations

    Hi there I am moving to a large house in the summer and will get a full gigabit connection (1000/1000). At the same time, I am giving my devices a good look over and adding some new, like Roborock robot vacuum cleaners. Unfortunately, I have given up rooting the vacuum cleaners, and I do not...
  2. I

    Question about Ubiquiti UDM Pro, pfsense, and online gaming

    Hi all! I have a couple of questions about a specific Ubiquiti product, the Unifi Dream Machine Pro, as well as the network performance if a pfsense box were to be added as a firewall. First, can someone explain how the ui cloud account works with the UDM Pro in first time setup? I've read...
  3. Seankay

    What is IDS and IPS and how it works?

    I recently came across these terms and it got my interest. Would be great if anyone can help me understand this service and suggest how I can use it for personal use?
  4. cageymaru

    Malware Turns a Router's LED Array into a Network Security Nightmare

    The researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel have devised a new way to steal data from highly secure air-gap networks. By injecting malware into a router's firmware, they can turn the infected router into a transmitter of data via its LED array. The various blinking LED lights on the...