1. modi123

    Nvidia Jetson Nano

    This is a pretty decent price point for a specialized board. Anyone else kicking around the idea of picking one, or more, up?
  2. L

    Nano IPS Monitors. IPS Glow? Contrast ratio

    I currently use a 27" Samsung C27F591, which is a SPVA PC monitor with around a 3000:1 static contrast ratio. I was looking for an upgrade, but I hate IPS glow and the low contrast of IPS panels. Do the new Nano IPS monitors from LG still exhibit IPS Glow and a low static contrast ratio? I...
  3. FrgMstr

    Exclusive RX Vega Interview with Chris Hook

    Exclusive RX Vega Interview with Chris Hook - We tracked Chris Hook down in the hotel lobby at Siggraph 2017 and talk availability, TDP, bundles, and RX Vega with Sr. Director, Global Marketing and Public Relations. Nothing Earth shattering, but it certainly sounds like RX Vega Nano is surely...
  4. R

    Gamers Promised Better Graphics Thanks To Nano Technology Breakthrough

    A new technology from the Australian National University promises ultra-fast rendering on gaming consoles. Senior ANU researcher Professor Dragomir Neshev says that currently, graphics are being "bottlenecked" by the copper wires used to transmit the data. So an international team of scientists...