1. S

    Listening mp3 songs/albums in the car

    Hi,does anyone know where I could buy and download music, individual songs or entire albums in mp3 format? Which service would be best for that? That I can do it on a computer and not on a mobile phone? I don't listen to music on my cell phone at all, I only rarely listen to it on a PC and for...
  2. spacedrone808

    Ultimate Music Tracker DataBase

    What is tracker? If names like Ultimate Soundtracker, Scream Tracker, ProTracker, Impulse Tracker, FastTracker, Renoise sound very close to your ears you've come to right place. Then, welcome to the most comprehensive database of music tracking software on the internet. Currently it is in an...
  3. Zarathustra[H]

    "You Can't Take my Door" a Country Song Written by AI

    What do you get when you train an AI by exposing it to a large catalog of country songs? You get the perfect country song. Nobody's job is safe. AI is coming for us all!
  4. spacedrone808

    Youtube channel dedicated to the best tracker music ever

    Only the best modules. Playlist of the channel revolves from chiptune to trance/metal/chillout or anything you could imagine. Listen to mods and keep cool. PS What is tracker music?
  5. cageymaru

    Revenue from Music Streaming Services Grew 30% in 2018

    According to the RIAA 2018 Year-End Music Industry Revenue Report, revenue from streaming music platforms grew 30% year-over-year (YoY) in 2018. Revenue from streaming music platforms was $7.4 billion and contributed to 75% of the total revenue from 2018. Nearly all U.S. music industry revenue...
  6. cageymaru

    NBC Sports and the NFL Use Video Game Soundtrack Without Permission

    Beat Games Studio co-founder and CEO Jaroslav Beck posted an excerpt from a NFL game where the music used in the clip is allegedly from his studio's game; Beat Saber. He politely asked NBC and NBC Sports in separate tweets to ask permission before using his game's music as this is clearly...
  7. cageymaru

    Eminem's Performance of "Venom" Was Recorded with Google Pixel 3 Phones

    Eminem recorded his performance of "Venom" on Jimmy Kimmel Live using the camera on the recently released Google Pixel 3 phone. The video playback is set to 720p60 HD which never looks the best on my 4K screen. What do you think of the video quality? Worth $800 - $1,000? Eminem's exclusive...
  8. cageymaru

    RIAA Releases 2018 Mid-Year Music Industry Revenue Report

    RIAA market research has compiled a revenue report for the music industry in the first half of 2018. Some of the more interesting statistics include revenue from streaming music climbing 28% year over year (YOY) to $3.4 billion for the first half of 2018. Streaming music now accounts for 75%...
  9. DooKey

    YouTube Launching New Music Streaming Service

    YouTube wants to compete with the likes of Amazon Music and other streaming services with their new YouTube Music service. The service starts on 22 May with a new app and they claim to offer everything from songs, albums, live performances and music videos. Also, they are renaming YouTube Red to...
  10. R

    The Floppotron Is Incredible

    What happens when you take 64 3.5" floppy drives, 8 de-lidded hard drives, and 2 old scanners, then combine them with a man in Poland with way too much time and talent? You get Pawel Zadrozniak and The Floppotron. Enjoy, Watch the video! Honestly what more can be said, just amazing. Check out...
  11. R

    "High Definition Vinyl" Coming as Early As Next Year

    In a follow up to a 2016 European patent that described a new way of manufacturing vinyl records that would allow them higher audio fidelity, louder volume, and longer playing times. Pitchfork is reporting that Austrian based startup Rebeat Innovation has received $4.8 million in funding for the...
  12. DooKey

    Tweet Puts Fleetwood Mac Back Into The Billboard Music Charts

    The song "Dreams" was released way back in 1977 and hit number 1 in June of that year. Recently, in a response to a tweet that said Fleetwood Mac songs are boring, a Twitter user posted a video of the song showing Alcorn State University dancers dancing to the song. As a result the video went...
  13. DooKey

    CD's and Vinyl Outselling Digital Downloads for the First Time Since 2011

    As a guy who grew up back in the dark ages of the 60's and 70's I had to smile when I found out that CD's and Vinyl have once again resurged and outsold digital downloads (site detects ad blockers) last year. I have to admit that it's nice to actually hold the media in my hands and know it's...
  14. R

    Research Shows Piracy Can Help Music Sales

    A new academic paper published in the Information Economics and Policy journal shows that piracy can help many artists to sell more music. In a paper titled 'Purchase, pirate, publicize: Private-network music sharing and market album sales' he examined the effect of BitTorrent-based piracy on...
  15. DooKey

    YouTube is Starting Their Own Paid Music Service in March of Next Year

    YouTube has finally made up their mind and they're going to compete with other music services like Spotify and Apple. They've tried a few times before, but this time they're adding a few wrinkles they haven't offered in the past. However, with the competition fully entrenched I'm not sure if...
  16. F

    Build Help

    So I'm thinking of building a PC for the first time. I am going to be using it for gaming, streaming to Twitch, maybe some photoshop, listening to and/or making music, and hopefully some online college courses. This is what I have at the moment: (used this...
  17. A

    Monitor Suggestions: Music composition and gaming on the side

    Hey all, Considering doing a pc build within the next year and doing some research on appropriate monitors for my needs. Any help or comments is highly appreciated. Will be using this monitor as a single monitor, for many hours at a time. I well be composing music on this computer. This...
  18. Bees

    Music License Expiration Ends Alan Wake Digital Sales

    If you have ever been curious about the horror action-adventure title Alan Wake, this weekend may be your last opportunity to purchase a digital copy. Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind the game, announced via Twitter news of the expiring music licenses. Artists such as Harry Nilsson, David...
  19. N

    Finding the right laptop

    Hey, I've never owned my own personal laptop before so I really don't know much about them other than how to use them, but I am planning on getting one for school and to start making music as a hobby. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for me. Thank you
  20. R


    Greetings to everyone. I am a new memeber here and quite crazy about audio stuffs, music, instruments and technology. Already feeling goose bumps for the amount of exposure and learning opportunities. Looking forward for intresting journey. Have a nice time..Stay blessed!