1. L

    FS: 48-Core Supermicro '4P' AMD G34 Workstation-Servers, Overclocking Ready

    ************************** ALL SOLD ********************************* $350, shipped USPS Priority ONLY 1 LEFT Have you been interested in owning one of the famous '4P' rigs to crunch BOINC or to fold, or just to play with a 4-processor system? For sale: Supermicro AMD Opteron (Magny...
  2. Yakk

    Ashes of the Singularity can used up to 16 Threads with 1 Thread per Core!

    I know we've been reading about all the great pioneering work the Oxide Developers have been doing with DX12, asynchronous cores and Multi-Adapter code. But I was impressed when I read this straight from the developers on STEAM : Mellified Man [developer] 2 hours ago Ashes of the...