1. S

    Listening mp3 songs/albums in the car

    Hi,does anyone know where I could buy and download music, individual songs or entire albums in mp3 format? Which service would be best for that? That I can do it on a computer and not on a mobile phone? I don't listen to music on my cell phone at all, I only rarely listen to it on a PC and for...
  2. D

    Found my old MP4 player :P Can anyone help me connecting it to my PC?

    Hi, Recently I found an old mp4 player (Optix Tiamat) of mine and I'm trying to connect it to my PC to see what files are on there (mp3, mp4, ...). The problem is that my PC doesn't recognise the device. In fact, when I connect the device, the PC doesn't do anything... Just as if it wasn't...
  3. dvsman

    Question on how to fix a bad voice recording

    Hey guys, So one of my colleagues was trying to record a meeting and did record a file but apparently their phone was next to their notebook / papers and there's the sound of paper rustling that's louder than the sound of the people talking (drowning it out). The original file is in AAC (from a...
  4. R

    Owner Of YouTube Ripping Site Settles Lawsuit With RIAA

    Last year YouTube-ripping site was sued by record labels who were seeking the website's permanent shutdown and $150,000 per violation. Today court filings are pointing towards a settlement between the record labels and The website's owner has agreed to pay a...
  5. FrgMstr

    The MP3 Is Officially Dead

    The audio format synonymous with digital music since the mid ‘90s has officially been killed off by its creators. While MP3 is far too pervasive to truly disappear any time soon, the format’s licensing program is definitely dead. In its place, Fraunhofer advises everyone to switch to AAC, which...