1. spacedrone808

    Youtube channel dedicated to the best tracker music ever

    Only the best modules. Playlist of the channel revolves from chiptune to trance/metal/chillout or anything you could imagine. Listen to mods and keep cool. PS What is tracker music?
  2. AlphaAtlas

    Skyrim Multiplayer Mod Accused of Stealing Code

    Skyrim's extensive modding community has added almost everything you can imagine, and more, to Bethesda's single-player RPG, but there's one particular feature they've always struggled with: multiplayer. Neither Elder Scrolls Online nor Fallout 76 quite scratches that "I want to mess around in...
  3. AlphaAtlas

    Check Out Some of 2018's Best Case Mods

    ThinkComputers just highlighted some of the best case mods they found in 2018. Among other things. the site showed off the clean, proffessional "Zeus 2.0" build inside a Case Labs Magnum SMA8, a Cougar Conquer with an Egyptian theme, a ROG themed build inside Lian Li's PC-O11, and a custom case...
  4. cageymaru

    PlayStation Classic with RetroArch Runs Games Better Than the Stock Emulator

    The PlayStation Classic has been rejected by the retro community after it was discovered that the machine couldn't run the PlayStation One games sold with the system properly. The PlayStation Classic hardware seemed to be considerably slower than the SNES Classic, and thus the reason that it is...
  5. cageymaru

    Total War: Rome II Developers Issue Statement on Criticisms of Female Generals Feature

    As the "review bombing" of the strategy game Total War: Rome II continues on Steam, Creative Assembly has issued a statement meant to address criticisms of the game's portrayal of female generals and their historical relevancy. First they addressed the accusations that they increased the spawn...
  6. Q

    Bethesda Creation Club: Essentially paid mods?,34755.html...
  7. MavericK

    Bethesda at it again... (paid mods)

    Surprised I didn't see any thread or conversation about this - Bethesda announced in their E3 the intention of adding a paid mod system to Skyrim and Fallout 4. I seem to recall they tried this before and it did not turn out well for them... I think the downvotes say it all. I don't really...
  8. W31 D0n9

    Any interest in DIY panel for open-air pc case?

    After searching for an open-air pc case, and only finding a few offerings (from Thermaltake, Lian-Li, Feros, InWin), then researching fully DIY build projects, I was inspired to design something on my own. I wanted something that had the quality and polish of the branded cases, with a more...
  9. K

    Skyrim mods for better but close to vanilla feel?

    I want to finally finish Skyrim. Started playing it many times but never got to the end. Since game is quite old and looks really dated, what kind of mods would you guys recommend for someone who wants to gave the feel of the original but in modern graphics? Hd texture packs, certain enb? Maybe...
  10. K

    [CASEMOD] Tikki w00t

    Hello im Kai7even from SevenSix Mods and i want you to show you my new Project Tikki-w00t Special Thanks to: Thema: Harmoiny with the nature is our theme. Our case is the "Cool Force 2" from Nanoxia. To give it a wooden touch we use water transfer printing. Water Transfer Printing...