1. cageymaru

    Heroes of the Storm Development Enters Long-Term Sustainability Mode

    Blizzard Entertainment has begun winding down the development of its MOBA; Heroes of the Storm. Some of the developers that were dedicated to Heroes of the Storm are being shifted to other teams that are working on live and unannounced games. Esports competitions for Heroes of the Storm such as...
  2. L

    Skilled PvP games!

    Hello All. I'll keep it simple. I love PvP games. The more skill required, the better. The more reaction speed, and key presses, the better. The more glory, the better. The more butthurt, the better! Looking for a moba, or MMO, or hybrid....anything with Glorious PvP & Good production...
  3. R

    DOTA Announces "DOTA Plus"

    DOTA has announced a new subscription program called "DOTA Plus." The subscription will cost you $3.99 per month and offers Hero Leveling, so as your progress with a hero you get Reward Shards and new chat wheel responses; Hero-specific challenges to get more XP for leveling up your hero; Hero...