1. euskalzabe

    What new display type are you looking for in 2021?

    TFT central recently posted new updates on panel manufacturing for next year, from LG, AU Optronics and BOE. This got me thinking about 2021 monitor options, although I'm very happy with my Pixio Px275h, I'm wondering: what are [H] users excited about that's expected to come out next year? Some...
  2. euskalzabe

    Any updates on Mini-LED or Micro-LEDs?

    Just wondering if anyone had read any juicy bits I've missed. I follow PCmonitors and TFTcentral, but it's been quiet for a while on these two fronts. I keep reading 144hz 32" QHD screens! 4K 144hz for the price of your kidney! Meanwhile, they're all the same garbage panels with crappy blacks...