1. Cyber Akuma

    Are you out of luck now if you need drivers or firmware for older LSI cards?

    I was trying to go the LSI's page for my raid card (Megaraid 9260-8i) to check if there were any updates.... and was surprised that I got redirected to Broadcom's page. I guess Broadcom bought LSI recently? Anyway, so I tried navigating their site... and the oldest card they would list in that...
  2. Tekmyster

    HGST Ultrastar 7k6000 Compatibility with LSI 9280-8E

    I have an MD1000 that i have an HGST HUS726040ALN610 4TB 4Kn drive in, and my LSI 9280-8E shows the following. Raw Capacity: 465,753GB Sector Size: 512 B Status: Unconfigured Good (Unsupported) i tried others thinking the drive was bad, but the issue persists. i can't find any documentation...