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    Enabling an MD1220 with an R430 Server

    Hi all, This is a quick turnaround item for me and I am not a storage guy, so I was hoping someone can help me out with this. We have a Dell R430 server and an MD1220 storage array. We are looking to purchase a SAS card and cables to enable the two to talk. The MD1220 is 6GBps SAS. I can't...
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    Dell MD1200 and Dell R720 - Home Data Storage

    Hi guys, I am very new to the idea of rack mount storage. I have been using a ~5 year old 2 bay Netgear ReadyNAS Duo box to backup my wife's photo business data and some misc data we have. But recently I ran out of space on the 2tb limited capabilities of the Netgear and it was annoying having...