1. cageymaru

    Google Maps Adds Buttons to Report Incidents like Speed Traps and Crashes.

    According to Android Police, Google has added speed trap and crash reporting to Maps. This is similar to features found in the Google owned Waze app. Right now it is limited to only navigation mode and not everyone has access to the reporting features. Take a peek at the Maps UI the next time...
  2. NeghVar

    Fallout DLC cities

    If Bethesda began making large maps of large cities with a storyline and providing as DLC, would you buy any? Large as in the size of the maps of the main story in each game. Not the side stories. I live in Dallas, TX. So if they released a Dallas map, I would buy it if I feel the price is...
  3. R

    Google Brings Maps API To The Unity Engine

    Google has announced that they are making it's Maps API work with the Unity game engine. The integration turns buildings, roads and parks into game objects within Unity, that developers can then re-skin to build literally global scale game worlds. In practice game designers could take New York...
  4. N

    Transfer Maps between Garmin GPS's

    I have 2 Garmin GPSs. One is a Nuvi 2559 with North America and Europe Maps and the other is a 3597 with North America Maps. Is it possible to move maps from the 2559 to the 3597? The latter has voice command and I'd rather use it in Europe than mine, but don't feel like buying maps since I...