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  1. DooKey

    10th Mountain Division Selected to Begin Testing ONYX Exoskeleton System

    The Army's 10th Mountain Division is going to start testing the Lockheed Martin ONYX exoskeleton system. This system is designed to help soldiers carry heavy loads and reduce their fatigue while doing so. The exoskeleton testing will begin with fit and comfort before it moves on to...
  2. DooKey

    Navy Putting an Anti-Drone Laser on Their Destroyers in 2020

    The US Navy has awarded a $150M contract to Lockheed Martinn for a 60-150kw laser (WARNING auto play video) that is going to be used to destroy drones and small boats. The laser system is the High Energy Laser and Integrated Optical-dazzler with Surveillance or Helios for short. Lesser lasers...
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    Lockheed Martin is Going to Build Laser Weapons for U.S. Fighter Jets

    The Air Force Research Lab Self-Protect High Energy Laser demonstrator program plans to have a solid-state laser system that can be mounted on an aircraft by 2021. Lockheed is going to adapt the laser system they provided to the Army to enable an aircraft to defend itself from ground-to-air and...