1. babelmh13

    Windows 10 Lag and Stutter on Startup

    Preface: I'm sadly reaching an age where I have less desire to fix this stuff on my own for hours to prove that I don't need help :( For the last month, when I boot up my pc (I have the latest version on Windows 10), windows will startup, but when I move my mouse it will freeze every few...
  2. DRJ1014

    Mouse and Keyboard input lag - Warzone PC

    For roughly 4 months I have been experiencing some input lag from mouse and keyboard in Warzone. Nothing about my setup has changed since the input lag has started. I get it on both the mouse when firing, and ADS'ing, not when I am looking around only on the mouse clicks and on the keyboard when...
  3. V

    Help With My First Dual Monitor Setup?

    Hello all! I just recently (as in today) got my second monitor for my build to help with my programming classes. My build it exactly as it appears in my signature. What I need help with it this; after connecting my second monitor (both are via displayport btw), a lot of stuff has slowed down...
  4. L

    Poor responsiveness after changing RAM speeds--even after setting them back.

    Main problem/TLDR: System unresponsive after playing with RAM settings--even after reset to last known good settings where system was perfectly responsive. How to fix? I think it's mostly likely a RAM or SSD issue. I haven't ruled out a defective motherboard, or software issues as a possibility...
  5. F

    Non real-time gameplay recording (ex. Recording Hellblade at 2K 60fps with a GT 530

    I recently uploaded a tutorial on how to record gameplay/cutscene videos using non real-time recording techniques. As an example, I recorded one of the last cutscenes from Nina Theory’s latest game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice running at 2560x1440 (2K), 60fps and all the graphical settings...
  6. postcd

    Which Windows limits causing softwares to lag/frozing?

    Hello, on my WIndows 10 64bit Home, it happens to me in case of numerous software (example: Firefox, qBittorrent, DC++, Comodo Internet Security) that the software is lagging (operations that usually are instantaneous/quick takes significantly longer time, the visual "mouse over" elements...