1. AlphaAtlas

    Nintendo Launches Labo VR Kit

    Following up on their immensely profitable Labo kits for the Switch, Nintendo just announced a new Labo kit designed for "sharable, simple, VR gaming experiences." The basic kit includes cutouts for VR Goggles and a VR blaster for $40, while the full package with a cardboard elephant, camera...
  2. modi123

    Nintendo Switch LABO

    Has anyone picked these up? Messed with them? Looking for general feelz and feedback if they are worth the money and effort.
  3. FrgMstr

    Nintendo Switch LABO

    Cageymaru sent this over to me to have a look at, and quite frankly I am not sure what to think about Nintendo's LABO "DIY kits" for its new Switch gaming handheld. So I looked it a little more, then I saw that these cardboard bits and pieces start at $70. OK, I know what to think about it...