1. G

    WTB DDR3 for desktop (4 Matching Sticks Preferred)

    Title says it all, looking for 4 matching sticks of desktop ddr3.
  2. M

    Couple Pi/Andruno kits; BASpi-IO by Contemporary Controls, AD2PI Alarm Decoder, Elegoo Car

    Letting some toys go; AD2PI Network Appliance With the AlarmDecoder AD2PI you will be able to control your Ademco / Honeywell Vista or DSC Power Series alarm system using a Raspberry Pi. Arm and disarm, detect opening and closing of zones, program your panel, download programming and even...
  3. C

    Razer Blackwidow full USB C conversion

  4. Ins0mnyteq

    FS/FT: BNIN sealed E3-1230v5 & DBS1200SPLR

    looking to sell these parts ive had for about a year, sitting on my shelf, i was going to upgrade my server, but i dont need to and i need the $$ more. what i have is 1x DBS1200SPLR motherboard it brand new never used still in the box, i did open the box briefly to look at it. 1x E3-1230v5 cpu...
  5. J

    FS: Kite's Circuit Sword Retropie Portable Handheld Rasberry Pi 3 CM3 kit -$225

  6. hotdun

    WTB: Found it!

    Looking for 2 x 8GB matching desktop memory. Need heatsinks but frequency, timings, etc... doesn't matter. Shipping to 90027 Thanks!
  7. FrgMstr

    Thermaltake Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit Review @ [H]

    Thermaltake Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit Review - In a world now filled with All-In-One CPU coolers, Thermaltake takes it old school with a water cooling kit that has everything you need from A to Z. If cutting your hose to length and perfecting the layout and presentation of your cooling...