1. modi123

    Hololens2 - Announcing 2nd half 2018; out 2019.

    This certainly makes me happy and I can quit lurking in fleabay for a used hololens from a reputable seller!
  2. R

    Two USB controller I cannot connect

    I need to connect two Kinects to an ASUS motherboard model: H81M-CT. Each Kinect must be connected in an independent USB2 controller. These are 1st generation Kinects for XBOX 360. The computer runs a 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate, with Kinect SDK v1.8 and .NET framework v4.5. I have tried all the...
  3. R

    Microsoft Has Stopped Manufacturing The Kinect

    After 7 years of love and hate Microsoft is stopping production on the Kinect. Kinect’s creator, Alex Kipman, and Matthew Lapsen, the general manager of marketing for Xbox Devices in an interview with Fast Company. Microsoft has been slowly de-emphasized over the years with the removal of the...
  4. Dayaks

    XBox One S Kinect

    So we're making the dive back into consoles for the kids. Specially the Kinect. Any good games for the Xbox One S Kinect? Things to watch out for? Kids are 8 and under. We're looking at Zoo Tycoon and Disney Dance Party 2 so far.