1. lostinseganet

    Pimax Frontier "Portal" (Handheld + Strap-on VR Facials): Just go, and pick a fight with Valve and Nintendo while ya at it.

    Pimax just can't keep their hands out of the hardware cookie jar. Now they want to pick a fight with Nintendo Switch and Valve Steam Deck? GAWD they are making too much hardware at one time. They are also making a new kickstarter for this handheld thing.
  2. M

    Lynx R1 VR and AR headset kickstarter

    The Kickstarter is live. This is supposed to be a direct competitor to Quest 2 from France. Price is higher but that is the price you have to pay to get your data safe from Facebook. 😅 Resolution is also lower than Quest 2 BUT it uses very unique prism/diamond lenses and as most of us know...
  3. cageymaru

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Development Dumps Linux and Mac Support

    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was one of the most successful video game Kickstarter campaigns of 2015 as it raised over $5.5 million during its funding phase. Backers of the game were reassured by Koji Igarashi (IGA) himself that donating more to the project to reach clearly outlined stretch...
  4. cageymaru

    Digitails Are the App-Controlled Animatronic Prosthetic Tails You've Dreamed About

    Ever wanted to know how it feels to have an animatronic tail on your tail? Do you have a fascination and desire to cosplay as the character Tails from the SEGA video game Sonic the Hedgehog? Well get ready to get your rear into gear as the Digitail Kickstarter is now live! A Digitail is an...
  5. cageymaru

    AMD to Showcase SMACH Z Handheld Gaming Console at the Tokyo Game Show

    The SMACH Z console has had a rough time being completed after its successful Kickstarter campaign finished in October 2016. The developers have had to contend with setbacks such as a breached manufacturing contract, but the company has rebounded to announce that they will be shipping units...
  6. R

    Demo Available For Solar Warden

    Solar Warden, the space combat game from Star Citizens ex-lead technical designer, has released a demo today according to a report from DSOGaming. Solar Warden has a kickstarter campaign currently going, with $26k of the $40k goal raised, and is a Six-Degrees-of-Freedom space combat game, fused...
  7. DooKey

    Megabots Plans Giant Fighting Robot Tournament In 2018

    I4U News reports that Megbots wants to make the giant robot tournament a reality, and the help of fans is once again needed. Megabots launched a new crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter with the goal to raise $950,000. Check out their video. Watch the video here.
  8. R

    Pimax 8K VR Kickstarter, fully Vive/SteamVR compatible - Goal accomplished in 1 day!

    Thought some of you may want to weigh in on this. Pimax is offering a Kickstarter pre-order of sorts (with delivery as soon as December 2017 , or into 1H 2018 for a new VR HMD. There are multiple display versions from the "lite" 5K version (which is 2x 2560x1440 displays, natively...
  9. J

    Hellpoint Kickstarter (another sci-fi darksouls like space game)

    Some of you may be interested in this. Personally I love the darksouls mechanics and wished there were more games like that. They are @ 30k of their 50k CAN goal for funding. Demo is on steam, kickstarter: youtube: Interview with developers...
  10. A

    AI Wars II on kickstarter

    Not sure if anyone knows about this, there is a kickstarter from the creator of AI Wars. I can't go to the link as I'm at work. If someone can post a link that would be great. Why should you care? Well... AI Wars classic is one of the few strategy games that I keep going back to. The AI...
  11. H

    VR App Will Let You Draw in Mid-Air

    Gravity Sketch is a mixed reality 3D creation tool that allows you to draw in 3D and then export your drawing to a 3D printer or a program like SolidWorks. Here's the video from the company's Kickstarter page.
  12. Armenius

    Rockit 88 - Intel CPU Delid Tool

    Rockit 88 - Intel CPU Delid Tool World's safest CPU delid tool. Delid your CPU with complete confidence. Works on Haswell, Devil's Canyon, Skylake and more. It only had a goal of $600 which was quickly met. Looks like he will probably sell them for $35 USD based on the reward tiers. The...