1. B

    Entering Passwords Physically and Programmatically?

    Hello, I am paranoid a bit when entering passwords online because I think that there might be sitting a keylogger on my PC despite Windows Defender saying all is good. What gives me peace of mind is alternation between physical keyboard typing and using built-in Windows On-screen Keyboard so I...
  2. R

    Over 5,000 WordPress Sites Infected With Keylogger

    In a blog post by Securi, it has been found that 5,482 WordPress websites infected with a keylogger. The malware, hiding as "" was a part of a larger infection that injected a fake jQuery and Google Analytics script that was in reality a CoinHive cryptocurrency miner. If...
  3. DooKey

    HP Includes a Keylogger with Their Laptops

    It appears that HP includes a keylogger with their laptops that they say was used by the Synaptics software for debug purposes. Michael Myng, the researcher who discovered the keylogger, says it is disabled by default but could be turned on by an attacker that gets access to the machine. HP...